Discussion Continued ~ My Thoughts On It

“No man or woman is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, they won't make you cry.”
~author unknown

So if I end up shedding tears than he's not worth.. my.. umm.. tears... wait..
I can't say I agree with that, actually I think that's nuts. If he's worth my tears, then his very smile would fill my heart enough to make me cry.
Listen to your own heart, that's the only place love exists, not in your head, not in your ego, not in your wallet, not in your fantasy, just in your heart. If they make you laugh and they make you cry, if you grin when you talk about them, or if you hear yourself telling other people details about them~ if you find yourself being annoyed at them for no valid reason~ they are already maybe in your heart.
Yes you can forever look for a prettier girl/boy, and you will ALWAYS find one. The second you find the "prettiest girl in the world", if you are looking at her without love, the pretty will fade as soon as your ego is satisfied, then you will go hunting again. The "Pretty" is about you, not them. They can't even see themselves for Pete's sake, they're looking OUT, not at themselves.
If you think of it regarding your friends whom you have no romantic inclination with, like your friends who are the same sex as you, there is no requirement for them to meet your physicality requirements. We don't dump friends because we found another friend who is "hotter"...lol... but that's because the connection is not about that. (Unless it is, then you might want to look up "Narcissism"...) We are not on the prowl for sexier friends, and we don't sneak around behind their backs to hang out with a new friend who has bigger breasts, bigger biceps, or a cooler bike, not since Junior High, I hope~ Nor are we always trying to find reasons to change their friendship status, whether we're going to continue this friendship or not based on whatever.
The beauty you see is a reflection of your own heart~ sometimes when we are with someone we find beautiful, we may begin to feel that ancient greyness creep in to our hearts; "it's only a matter of time until they hurt me. someone will come and take them away." Then the mind begins to weave fantasy the other way, looking for her to find other men attractive, looking for signs that she isn't sincere, then turning it around mentally until she's not worthy of you~ that way when your prediction comes true it won't hurt as much. You can separate your heart from hers by resenting her before you even have a reason to. Silent, subtle, slow twisting, to make "facts" fit feeling. Have you forgotten why you were excited to meet her in the first place? The mind can be a terrible thing... :) Remember the butterflies in your stomach, in your heart, there was a reason for them.
Love Light Peace