Excerpt from the Messages from God Through Yaël Powell, Circle of Light November 24, 2002

 I came across this while looking up kinds of trees. Don't ask me how that led to this, but I found it interesting and it seems important, although I am not sure why. Any thoughts about it are welcome, I believe a book is being referred to~

“The impediments before your heart, any one of you, unravel like a skein of wool when the Love hits it, and unraveling, they do ‘replay’ themselves. They engage the projector, pull down the screen and play a movie in your mind. For, of course, this is what life in the ego really is – billions of unraveling ‘movies’ playing out the mind’s beliefs, over and over, as the light of My Love seeks entry.
“Yet you can know, you who now begin to come to the central point consciously, that the more you stay ‘out of your mind,’ the fewer ‘new movies’ you create, and soon (sooner than you think), there won’t be any ‘movie reels’ left to play.
“When you say, ‘Yes,’ to Love, you are saying that you are willing to dissolve those impediments. To let the light of My Love into the movie theatre. Thus, for you who see your lives becoming beauty, the reflection of your heart -- you can know that if suddenly you are ‘in the play’ again, it IS the clearing out of those things cluttering up the heart space, those things that ‘push the pendulum’ so that it swings away from the center point. Especially if you are choosing to accept the tools given [the above Meditation], then you can positively know this is the case, and that it won’t take long and you will be able to remain in the stillness of My Love, allowing Me to live every moment through you.”