Running down the avenue
Or down the dirt and gravel road,
Or up the rutted drive way;
the earth beneath your feet turning.

Speeding like a cannonball,
a short magnum bullet,
a cruise missile,
the sun above your head burning.

Soaring like a Red-tailed Hawk,
a Golden Eagle,
a Peregrine Falcon;
the troposphere through your wings blowing.

Diving like an Orca,
a Barracuda,
a Sailfish;
the sea across your skin flowing.    

Screaming like a Bugatti,
the Maglev train,
an X-15;
the sound around your crown breaking.

Go fast, and faster still, tender legs aching.

Go fast, go quickly.
On your way, out of sight,
out of the brightness of today,
sprinting,charging, into night.

And yet you are still here;
And yes, it is still now.
Whatever path you take, you are still here.
However fast you run,
however fast you fly,
it is still now.