Prayer For Companionship

Prayer For Companionship

Please God,
Guide me to new companions who are beneficial to my life,
Who treat me with kindness, humor, tolerance and respect;
Who see my inner self more clearly than my outer appearance;
Who see me as I really am;
Who are supportive of my endeavors;
Who respect me as an individual with unique experiences, talents and trials;
Who appreciate me as a human being who is as valid and real as any other who has ever lived on this earth;
Who find joy in companionship;
Who find joy in sharing common activities and adventures, discovery
and conversation;
Who listen to me when I share my thoughts and experiences;
Who acknowledge my past, appreciate my present, and believe in my future;
Who take account for their own actions;
Who treat my other companions and family with courtesy and respect;
Who miss my absence;
Who have my back;
Who stand beside me against injustice.
Who treasure my company.

Guide me to be this kind of companion to them as well.

Please guide me away from replacing old, unhealthy people with newer models of the same, and protect me from those:
Who extol a price for their presence;
Who use me as a toy when there is no one else around, and then shelve me when another comes to call;
Who do not apologize and can not accept that they have hurt me or that they have done something wrong;
Who find no error in causing me pain;
Who see themselves and certain others  as superior;
Who punish me for not staying within their control or their expectations;
Who try to control whom I speak to or who I am friends with, or where I go;
Who try to poison my name to turn others against me in order to gain attention and diminish me in other people's eyes;
Who take inventory of my "flaws" and hold them against me;
Who bestow unsolicited advice and criticism;
Who practice tit for tat;
Who take my material possessions;
Who do not stand up for me against injustice;
Who ignore my boundaries and minimize my opinions, talents, capability and experiences.

Please guide me to avoid doing any of these things to anyone, no matter what they have done to me.

Please guide me to simply let go of and remove from me those who are not beneficial, without drama and pain, and guide me to embrace those who are healthy, friendly, trustworthy companions.
Thank you God,