Do Men Only Want What They Can't Have?

Miss Attitude runs a pretty cool blog, clean, to the point, makes for easy reading. Click here for her post on this sensitive subject: What Men Want

My thoughts on it are this: both sexes do this, but men do it more. I know women who fixate on one guy who is "emotionally unavailable", and they will ride that horse until it drops. But I know more men who chase more than one woman at a time who are unavailable, and when one of the women finally turns around and says "Okay, okay, you've caught up with me, I'll go out with you~" the boy acts like she was chasing HIM. What is the reason? "Boys will be boys" is not a reason, it's an excuse. I know plenty of men who don't do this, and all of them seem to have one thing in common; women are people to them, just as much as men. They don't have gender prejudices, they don't think of women as a subspecies or vice versa.

can't touch this... dehnehnehneh... :|

If a kid is raised on TV and movies, and people around him are always pointing to women on TV or on posters or albums as unattainable by "regular people", like they are some other kind of human that a man can only catch if he attains a high level of success, then a boy could easily be conditioned to equate success with attaining an unattainable woman, a movie star, a beauty queen. If he can attain her, then she can't be the one he wants, because the one that will indicate success is unattainable. These boys could chase any female superstar on the planet, and as soon as she stopped running and he was able to catch her, he would at first be ecstatic, and then he would start to feel like he has stagnated in his life. He is now with an attainable woman, and that does not indicate success; only the women he must quest after have any value... He honestly doesn't know how to love a real person, or to be loved by a real person.

It is the locked door vs the open door. Some minds believe there is only treasure behind locked doors, and that open doors don't lead to anything really valuable.

Me~ I have held the keys to, and broken into, quite a few locked, bolted, chained doors, scaled electric fences and jumped spikes and barbed wire. I have met, spent time with, been related to, and known intimately people from all over the world, many walks of life, and every economic class. I have never found anything more valuable in those vaulted rooms, or met anyone greater or more beautiful than the souls I was already blessed to know. I am grateful that I am not one of those who seeks only what they can't have, or believes that whoever loves me could not be anyone worth noting. I am quite confident that I already know or have known the greatest souls that have every lived, and each new friend seems to already be a member of that club.