Half-close my eyes to soften my ambient light;
nimbus around my atomic quietude.
To find the things I wish to see, I must unhinge my sight,
and seek from the stillness underneath my stare.
Harken the echoing barely heard
beyond the boundaries of local murmur.

Leave behind familiar cadence
and turn back toward the way I came
to remember the magic which led me here.

Loosely wrapped lines had tightened into knots
while backs and legs strained to meet the offing,
springing toward the promise of the newest day.

Now is the evening of silent contemplation.
Turn back to the beginning to trace the lines
that have wrapped around the pilings,
that have tangled in our legs.
Turn back to find the knots that tie us to ourselves.

We will run and dance and sing 
like only those who have been bound can do!

Unbind my hands and feet;
relieve my voice;
release my heart.

Let me dance!

~M. Black