Social Change, Save The Wails

One of the things that annoys me the most in this world (I said annoys, not enrages~) is when people will create or join a group to help a cause, and then use the group as a platform to conduct social pettiness, games and hierarchies.
"Come Join The Walk For Cancer" (but we'll only welcome you for real if we already like you...) "Please Volunteer At The Shelter" (so we can treat you like the new kid at school and feel superior)
"Please Come And Support The Arts" (so we can act like rockstars and treat you like a groupie)
"Please Come Join Our Club" (we need fresh meat to gossip about)
"All Are Welcome To The Lightworker Circle" (please join us so we can feed our egos by condescending.. I mean 'teaching' you... )
And no this is not a vent about something that happened to me, it is something that I have observed  a thousand times in various things I've been involved with. Humanitarian groups, Environmental groups, Arts groups, asking for volunteers and support, appealing to people's hearts, and then acting like Junior High School kids toward them, using the group as a pre-established "In Crowd". Which is what the motivation for creating or joining the group might have been to begin with. It is such a resource-waster, there is so much these groups could accomplish if the people involved were actually looking in the same direction, toward the cause they claim to support, instead of playing games in order to pump themselves up. The actual cause drowns in the sea of ego and insecurity. Groups for causes do NOT need to have "pecking orders", or soap opera dramas, or gossiping, or backstabbing, or anything else that grown-ups should have stopped doing before they graduated High School. When this is going on, people have diverted their attention away from the cause, and they are just using the group as a social club, even if they are actively working, performing their tasks. They are detracting from the cause, wrecking the environment, discouraging people from helping or joining, and being a burden to the cause instead of a help. Why would someone want to Walk For Cancer if, when they arrive, they are given weird looks like "Who are YOU" or "What is SHE doing here?" Why would someone join a Spiritual group if the ones running it are speaking from a place of Superiority? (That's not Enlightenment... sorry... the second you feel superior to another you have stepped off the path.) Why would someone want to support an Animal Rescue Shelter if those already there act like they are the only ones endowed with such deep compassion and understanding of animals... and no one else could possibly know anything about animals or care as much... (eyes rolling)...  Arts Groups? Invite the whole world in a very sweet, welcoming, open way to attend and support, and when they show up, assess their character and whether "we" think they are "sophisticated" or "experienced" enough for "us" to speak to them like a real person, and if "we" deem them unimportant, treat them accordingly~ with condescension. (The funny thing about that is those who I have seen usually get treated like they don't "belong" are often the only actual artists in the room.) If a person is actually genuine about their cause, they do not make their group a big Junior High School; they don't have the time, energy or money to waste playing gossip games, competing, dominating, or giving people attitudes. They treat everyone with sincere respect, they put a stop to other group members doing it, they check their own egos, and they are grateful to whoever shows up.

It's truly annoying, very frustrating, when you are sincerely and wholeheartedly trying to support or further a cause or be part of a group that could be a wonderful thing, and it is stalled over and over again by soap opera behavior.