A Dear Friend Sent Me This Message This Morning, Posting It For My Own Heart:

I couldnt go to sleep last night, felt you flapping like an injured bird... but it wasnt you it was (****)  (like identical twins). Anyway, I used to work at a raptor center with injured birds and their instinct when they are injured is to flap around in fear and furthur injuring themselves. So what we would do first is cover their eyes so they couldnt see. Ok stop. YOU were an eagle a golden shimmery brilliant color and you had something in your wing, so you couldnt fly. Your wing wasnt broken but you were flapping so hard you were about to break it, so we covered your eyes with a towel then I held you firmly but gently and stroked your back. We were silent moving very slowly because you could sense our movements and would try to turn your head so we were silent. You had this thing that had obviously been there a long time as it had gotten infected and skin had grown and scarred around it but now that you were older it was impeding your ability to fly. You had gotten used to it and were accustommed to flying all wonky. You didnt know you had the ability in you to fly towards the sun as this thing (a thorn or metal or something) had kept you close to the ground... Anyway we took it out... and you just needed to be nurtured for a while. In solitude... quiet. You had been so used to the noise you didnt know how stressed and tired and frustrated you were... until you were given the opportunity to know the silence. Anyway the weeks passed and your wing was still sore, but you were different. Your spirit had changed. You had an inner light and knowing that you were no longer a grouse (big birds that live on the ground flapping and flopping about) You were in your heart soul mind and being an eagle... born to soar... no longer encumbered by the past you hopped out of your cage that had been for your healing and safety and into the light of a new day as a new bird. You looked up to the sky and noticed other eagles flying by. You squawked a huge squawk and they responded equally calling to your light... your heart opened and hesitatingly at first you spread your wings testing them to see if it were really truly possible that YOU were born to fly among them. You hopped and flapped but the wing lifted you this time the wind through wings... you gathered speed and height... you had never seen the world from this vantage point. You had been mistaken this whole time... you my friend had been born to fly.
 And another posted this almost at the same time:

When a handicap gull asks if he can fly :

“Come along then.” said Jonathan. “Climb with me away from the ground, and we’ll begin.”
“You don’t understand My wing. I can’t move my wing.”
“Maynard Gull, you have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.It is the Law of the Great Gull, the Law that Is.”
“Are you saying I can fly?”
“I say you are free.

~Richard Bach