Another Heads Up

As an abuse survivor and mother, I would like to support this organization, however I need to know, does this organization support and protect men and fathers in the same way? Please tell me whether this organization assumes that victims are female and abusers are male, or not~ gender prejudice has no place in a movement that is for protecting the rights of victims. I can not find a clear answer.
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    • American Mothers Political Party Our organization supports Mothers...bottom line. Until we have gender equality in all facets of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness then we can talk about fathers.
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    • Marianne Black wow okay thanks for your honesty. We can talk about whatever we want to talk about, since this is America; I have suffered abuse, was raped, was nearly murdered, and the 'system' had no care for me or for my son. I have been sexually harassed too many times to count. But believing that it is a gender problem and not a Human Behavior problem is one of the reasons it does not get resolved. People who have prejudice in their hearts ARE the people who released my abuser; they are the same kind of person who released my cousin's wife after she beat her daughter and threatened to kill her father. The protection of human beings is what matters. Misogyny and misandry are the same, grouping people into one category, not seeing the big picture. That is exactly what they want, that way they can keep it all going. Abused men are just as screwed as abused women.
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