Great Ape dynamics are all about domination, hierarchy, and status, even within the smallest group. If you would like to understand the Great Apes around you better, and yourself as well, it's not difficult; simply do what an animal behavior researcher does: become an observer, as much as possible. To get started, here are some tips:

1) Listen for language domination. Who finishes a sentence, and... who gets interrupted before they are finished with their sentence? Who corrects whom? It's not about correct information, oh no, not in regular conversation. If you are not in a classroom setting with a designated teacher and students, respectful dynamics do not include interruption or talking over another person, or dismissing what another person is saying. Watch to see and listen to hear who interrupts, who corrects, who dismisses who, and how they do it.

2) Personal space! Watch who moves aside to make room in a hallway or sidewalk for others, and who doesn't budge even if they are taking up the whole hallway. If you are the one who always moves over, see what happens when you DON'T.

This is enough to get started. Don't tell anyone you're watching or they will probably change their behavior. Have fun!