Reality Check On Sexism Toward Women

The real reason that men continue to have more power and success than women, overall, is really simple:

Men promote and support other men, and network with each other, and give each other jobs and opportunities and help. 

Women promote and support men, and network with men, seeking opportunities, jobs and help.

Both sexes promote and support men, and seek opportunities and approval from men they admire.

That's pretty much the whole ball of wax. If men only supported men, so what~ they're only half of the population. The imbalance is that women are much more supportive and approving of men than of each other. Women compete with each other, and don't give opportunities to or give a leg-up to other women, because... they're competing with each other... It's not weird or unnatural for men to favor their own kind. It's lame, sure, but what's super-lame is how women do not promote and support and help one another, but promote the crap out of men they like and admire, or want approval from, and throw their own kind under the bus.