Most Precious Possession

Take away all external physical differences and what you are left with is a pure individual. Only then can the human mind see the individual's behavior without skewed perception, with less favoritism, rationalizing, or prejudice.

Any scientifically minded individual knows that in order to understand a subject, one must find the common denominator. The most basic element. The simplest truth, if you will. The foundation on which everything else has been built from; the original building block; the one thing that is true for all of the variables within the subject.

In human beings, the one basic truth is; we are alive.

Nothing else about us can exist without this single truth.

Without this "Life", without the thing that makes us "Alive", we do not exist.

LIFE is the common denominator of every single human on the Earth. Where LIFE does not exist, there is no human being. Everything about a person is built on this LIFE, and all of us have it. 

As we all know, this Life has been called many things throughout human history. All of these names are attempts at describing something that remains a mystery to our species. It is something that is beyond human understanding thus far, and yet, it exists.

All humans are Alive, all human beings have Life. There is not a single thing that can change that, not one human being has ever existed who has not possessed or been bestowed Life.

The most wealthy person in the world ceases to exist without exactly the same thing that the very poorest person possesses. The biggest "Strongman" that ever walked would cease to breathe without the very same thing that the smallest child has. The Martyr and the Dictator can neither suffer nor rule unless they each hold the one same element as the other, and neither's gift is more powerful than the other's, or less. There is no man, anywhere on Earth, that does not need exactly the same gift of Life as any woman, and no woman who does not possess the same most precious possession as any man. There is no righteous person who possesses more than anyone else, there is no religion that can claim ownership.

Every single human being who exists needs this most basic, most precious element of all things, and every single human being has it right now. Whether they are awake or asleep, healthy or ill, fit or injured. Whether they are poor or rich, warm or cold, hungry or sated. Whether they are old or young, female or male. Whatever they call their race. Whatever they claim to believe. Whatever they do with their time. Each and every human being is, in our most basic form, LIFE.

~Marianne Black 2012