Little Kids On Comment Threads

It seems impossible now to find a comment thread about anything that does not jump very quickly off topic and straight to Monkey jumping and hooting. Find me an article or blogpost where the comment thread doesn't quickly disintegrate into name-calling, and proclaiming inferiority of the "other guys" and SUPREMACY of "Our Team", especially in anything remotely political. I even find original posts, one after the other, never mind comment threads, proclaiming intellectual supremacy of "Our Team". Sorry kids, but it is actually a practice of the emotionally insecure and developmentally delayed to abandon an actual topic and attack the person or people talking/writing, and to proclaim supremacy of one's own group. You should have learned that before graduating Middle School. Seriously. (and, no, this post doesn't count as "attacking the person writing". If you can't figure out why, go on, they can help you.)
Anyone who is actually intelligent will discuss the actual topic in a polite and respectful manner from beginning of discussion to end of discussion. And if one begins to feel "heated" and defensive, one makes it a purposeful point to calm down, and redirect his or her energy. This you should have learned how to do before graduating High School.
Comment threads or posts trying to "bash" the entire body of a political party is, quite simply, a symptom of Narcissism disorder, and is clearly bullying, arrogance, elitism, and whining, whatever the disorder. If you are an adult, and you wish to participate in an adult discussion, you do not personally insult, attack, slander, or otherwise try to injure a person whom you don't agree with. Unless you are ITCHING for a hostile encounter, like a rutting Big Horn trying to prove his dominance. If you're anti-war, why are you trying so hard to start one? Stick to the facts of the subject, and learn about solution seeking. Watch Star Trek to learn some pointers. We already have enough grunting monkeys to fill a planet.
GUESS WHAT? The Left and the Right in the USA, and all the immigrants, and the "gun toting bible clutching rednecks" and the "man hating fems" and the "idiot misogynist pigs" and the "baby killing left" are ALL PEOPLE. And the name calling BELONGS IN ANOTHER DECADE. Really, try and grow into that gigantic IQ of yours, what did that researcher guy say was a "high IQ"? (that one really was pretty funny).
Yeah, so~ grow up and learn to figure things out and discuss without frothing at the mouth and trying to verbally destroy people, which means you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE SUBJECT ANYMORE, or LOSE your freedom and your country.