Our wounds run deep and in the case of the narcissistic personality, there is a deep denial as well.  There is a denial that says “I can’t possibly be this unhappy, or in this much pain.  It has to be her/his fault.  She/he is making me feel this way.”


Can narcissism be cured?

"I think the problem we have here is that most people seeking the change are the victims of narcissistic abuse, not the narcissists themselves. The victims entertain fantasies of approaching the narcissist and saying "honey, I think you might have a problem, or you may have narcissistic personality disorder, and I need you to get some help for this little problem or I'm going to leave."
The fantasy is that the narcissist will say "yes, honey, you are absolutely right, I've always felt something was deeply wrong with me and I want to change. I will schedule an appointment with the therapist this week."
HA! Not likely, although I'm sure some readers have heard a similar story in the narcissist's attempt to gain control of the relationship.
The more likely reaction will be the wrath of narcissistic rage being unleashed upon you. You have just threatened his security, which is the illusion he lives in. You are likely to be the subject of attack on just why it is that YOU are the one with the problem and he will deliver his wrath in such a way you begin to believe it."