The Tilted Kilt and other "Breastaurants"

     An Associated Press article recently published announced that restaurants like Hooters and The Tilted Kilt are experiencing a mini-boom. These eateries employ attractive, mostly younger women, dressed in various levels of revealing outfits as a focal point of their atmosphere. Casinos have been doing the same for years; "Cocktail waitresses" are required to wear company-provided outfits, which for female employees can be even as scant as a G-string in some establishments, even if their male coworkers are fully clothed and covered up.
     The conflicts about these places seem to be about general morality, and who is offended, or who is not offended, who likes it, what other people should or should not think about it. But what it really boils down to is a much more poignant issue: How does your significant other feel about being brought there, or about you going there, and does it make him or her feel anxious, inadequate, or put up for comparison? Does it make him or her uncomfortable for any reason at all, including women, or humans in general, being paid for showing body parts? Whatever the reason, it's their reason, and their feelings, and that's the point.
     The fact is, there are many more businesses like these that employ and parade the bodies of attractive females. Any man who cares for and respects his wife or girlfriend would obviously care about how she would feel being dragged into such an atmosphere, and about him going there without her. Period. That's the long and the short of it; no respect or care for her, then drag and gawk away! But don't expect her to stay with you if she has a shred of self-respect.
     It's not about whether it's "okay because society accepts it", it's about the actual personal people in our lives.
     If you are having a hard time wrapping your brain around this, and you are male, just use that great gift of imagination you have: If every single one of those establishments suddenly turned into the exact same places with young, attractive, male waitstaff, dressed in equally revealing, body-enhancing outfits, just how easy and comfy would you be when your wife or girlfriend, or even sisters or buddies, insisted on going there "JUST FOR THE WINGS"? Seriously~ the issue is about acting as if adults were adults, with a thing called consideration, and actual real-life care for the people who we claim to give a Hoot about. If she enjoys going, for real, (not just to please you because you are a needy, moody child who has tantrums when he doesn't get his own way, or insults and degrades people for not going along with you), then by all means, go, have a great time. But remember, no whinesies when it's time for everyone, including you, to go check out the traveling "All Male Revue" show on Saturday Night...!!!
Have a blast, Cowboy!

(Personally I don't like my food that close to uncovered stranger-human body parts, regardless of gender. No offense to the waitstaff, but everyone carries E Coli, call me cautious... ;)