Are Men Hardwired To Dominate?

Are women hardwired to let them?

Saying we are "hardwired" to act a certain way, so we don't have a choice, puts us in the category of animals. Being self-aware means having a choice in how to act, how to behave, and to choose to see things from other angles. Without choice in behavior, there is no difference between humans and any other life form, except a little extra grey matter to make better weapons and grow more food. The very fact that we can choose the way we behave is the thing that makes us sentient.
Anyone who is "hardwired" to dominate me belongs in a cage, not walking around free, unmedicated. That is a complete and utter violation of my rights as an individual, and anyone else's. It is no different than large wild animals roaming Suburbia, or downtown; they get tranquilized and put in the zoo, or worse. Only animals who do not try to dominate individuals are left to roam freely.
What makes an animal different from a human? If it's all "hardwired", then NOTHING.

     If you cannot wrap your mind around this, then here's an example to help you.

A young woman was recently raped in an alley behind her apartment by a man she worked with.  He could not overpower her completely, so he cold cocked her with a rock. She came to after a few minutes, when he was nearly finished doing his disgusting crime on her. He had put the rock down close enough for her to reach; she grabbed it and smacked him in the head with it. It didn't knock him out; he tried to choke her to death. She smacked him again, and he got off her clutching his head. Then he dropped to his knees, covering his eyes. He reached for her again, grabbing an ankle. 
      She kneed him in the head. He fell over backwards, but started to get up immediately. She still had the rock in her hand. It was obvious that his goal was to kill her.
     She still had the rock in her hand. She knew he was going to try to kill her if he could catch her. She kicked him in the chin, knocking him backwards, and jogged to the taxi she saw in the main street. He was going to kill her; so, why didn't she smash his head with the rock? She was fighting for her life against a predator; that's the "hardwired" reaction, right? 
     She knew he was married with two children, and she did not want to be a monster too. She MADE A CHOICE. 
     She could have easily killed him, and she would have not been charged with anything since it was pure self-defense. The only way to stop a creature twice your size from attacking you is to injure it badly, or kill it. You can't strong arm a creature that's twice your size and hold it down, and drag it to the police department. You HAVE TO injure or kill it. 
     She CHOSE to not kill this creature, even in a life or death situation, with her sentient mind. If she did not have choice over her behavior, there is no question that this would have ended in the death of the male coworker.
     Choice. Sentience.