Male Supremacy

supremacist [sʊˈprɛməsɪst sjʊ-]
a person who promotes or advocates the supremacy of any particular group
characterized by belief in the supremacy of any particular group
supremacism , suprematism n

~note: if you think this is a "male bashing" post, or you think this post says that "all men are supremacists", go back to YouTube and whine about Justin Bieber some more (since he has done terrible things to you personally...). Of course not all men are male supremacists, if they were, the whole world would be in slavery and revolt at all times until one gender was dead.
     The lack of in-depth research on the phenomenon of Male Supremacy is a direct result of science departments worldwide still being controlled by a male majority. Whoever is in charge has the power to bury research that has been done, or to limit, deny, or sabotage funding to any research subject they don't like. If a focus of research is going to compromise one's stellar reputation, power status, image or ego, the odds are that one would quash it if at all possible, even if the finding might result in wonderful and illuminating discoveries that would help the whole world. Those who desire control, and who have obtained it, do not give it up so easily.
     Therefore, if you do an internet search for "male supremacy" or "male elitism", you may not find very much, especially in the way of literature. But if you want to find out more about it, do some research on your own, right in your own back yard.
     Men who believe that "only men get it", whether "it" refers to comic books, science fiction, cooking, carpentry, cars, humor, lawn care, dogs, reptiles, insects, music, skateboarding, motocross, knitting, raising sons, cleaning gutters, etc, etc, etc, are displaying Male Supremacy. It's that simple. And women who buy into this are accomplices to Male Supremacy, because they are getting something out of it personally. 
     Ask around; ask people in your family, friends, neighbors; they won't be able to lie... much... they will fall into nervous joking if they feel like they've been "caught". Ask them if they think there are things that "women don't get, but men do". 
     You see, the Supremacy is in the assumption, and the assumption is about an ENTIRE GROUP "getting" something that another ENTIRE GROUP just "can't get". The implication is that the first group is smarter, better, and more able to understand things, and that ALL MEMBERS of that group are more able and capable. AND, that ALL MEMBERS of the other group are NOT as able or capable.
     In other words: Uncle Frank believes he is inherently good at auto mechanics because he was born with a "male" gene for it, and that his sister is not, because she is a female. He does not remember that his father let him help work on the family car as a kid, but did NOT let his sister help. He doesn't remember all the times his father had to re-do what Frank messed up, and re-explain how to do things. He also does not remember that his father's friend let him work in his shop when he was a teenager, even though he was always making mistakes and costing the shop owner money. His father's friend patiently took him under his wing and allowed him to learn in a safe environment, overlooked his foibles, and encouraged him. That same shop owner yelled at Frank's sister when she came anywhere near the shop, treated her like she was"in the way", or a "pain in the neck", even when she was bringing Frank lunch or messages from their parents. The shop owner also spoke of male friends with high praise regularly, and women he knew with rancor. In reality, the shop owner had relationship issues, and a personal jealousy and resentment toward all women he developed during adolescence when he could not get a certain girl to go out with him, and also a father who abused his mother when he drank, resulting in the man's overall crappy attitude toward any human of female persuasion. Frank was unaware of the man's personal issues, but he listened to the man's barrage of insults toward women every time he was in the shop, which influenced young Frank's perception much more than he knew. ~Uncle Frank does not remember it as it really happened, he only remembers it in a selective way that increases his belief in his own "inherent" talent, and diminishes his sister's. And he has transferred his belief in his sister's lack of ability onto all women, just as the shop owner did. IF Frank's father had included his sister in fixing the family car just as enthusiastically as he did Frank, then both children would have a different perception of "inherent talent and ability".
     A similar situation happened at Cousin Joe's house; Joe was given a real electric guitar for Christmas, and allowed to play it to his heart's content, except when his parents couldn't stand the noise. He was also given lessons, paid for by his parents, and his teacher at school helped him as well. Joe's cousin Marybeth, who had also asked for a guitar for Christmas, got a little radio instead. Her parents also said no to piano lessons. No guitar, no lessons, no teacher taking an interest in helping her. To this day, Joe believes his talent for music was inherently superior to Marybeth's; he sincerely believes that even if she were to have been given a guitar, and lessons, that she would not have been able to "keep up" with him. And how convenient, since there is no way to prove it one way or another without going back in time and taking the guitar away from Joe and giving it to Marybeth, he will believe his own arrogance for the rest of his life. In Joe's mind, his parents gave him the guitar BECAUSE they saw he had inherent talent, and also in Joe's mind, Marybeth's parents did NOT give her a guitar BECAUSE they saw that she could not have that same inherent talent, since she was not a boy. Joe believes that any woman who plays guitar is an anomaly, and that she probably is lacking in skill and knowledge, and could never become as skilled as his favorite male guitar players. When he sees a woman who is surpassing in talent and ability, he simply ignores her, or decides she is "unattractive", in order to diminish her in his own mind. Joe did come across one female guitarist whom was exceedingly skilled and he could not deny that he found her physically attractive as well; to rationalize this in his mind, instead of conceding that perhaps he was wrong about guitar talent being "inherently male", he made up a new place for this particular woman in his imagination. He made her "the exception to the rule", and put her on a pedestal all by herself, as if she were a freak of nature; thereby avoiding having to include females in his "brotherhood of guitarists" in his head. 
     A black supremacist believes that all blacks are smarter than all other races, exactly the same as a white supremacist. A Chinese supremacist believes that all Chinese are inherently smarter and better than all other races. An Arab supremacist believes that all Arabs are smarter and better. And so on, and so on.
     Any human being who believes that one group of humans is inherently smarter or better than another group is a supremacist. Period. There is no "other" definition, no rationalization, no way out of it. If you think you "get" stuff because you're a guy, and you assume that someone else can't "get" what you "get" because they are not a guy, then you are a supremacist. And unfortunately, supremacy causes all kinds of harm in society, far and wide, as we have learned from witnessing racial supremacy in humans throughout history. 
     The reasons there are more men who are supremacists than women are not hard to see if you actually look for them. The number one reason is because little boys are TOLD they are better, in most cultures. Why are they told this? Usually in order to motivate them to do what is wanted of them. The number two reason is... because little boys are TOLD they are better. Stronger, smarter, faster, etc, etc, etc. And in order to keep this myth alive, adults separate girls and boys in competition, and discourage girls from trying to reach their full potential. The reasons for this are worth exploring as well, but the fact remains, that's what adults have been doing for a long time.
     So, without making it more complicated, look around at who believes what about brains, ability, and understanding. Watch how people treat men and women differently, and boys and girls. It's fascinating, albeit disturbing and depressing. But with a little objectivity, we can all be researchers, and go right around the hallowed halls of "science".