Huh??? So Conan IS Qualified To Be A TV Talk Show Host, WHY???

This is really a hilarious rant, and I am personally taken aback and pissed off that Conan turned out to be One Of Them. The BODYSNATCHER INVASION IS AMONG US, FOLKS!

If anyone wants to explain to me how Elisabeth Hasselback is NOT "qualified" to ask the president a question on the show she is a HOST on, please try, I'll be waiting to laugh my ass off at you. In the meantime, I think CONAN needs to run all of his questions for any of his hosts by the someone who is WAY MORE QUALIFIED in some way than he is. What would you suggest, a PhD in Journalism and Political Science, along with a career of about 45 years as an ambassador? (Last I checked, this is the USA, one of the most precious freedoms that CONAN of ALL PEOPLE should be highly protective of, is freedom of speech, and for citizens to have full access to asking government officials ANYTHING THEY WANT TO KNOW, umm... especially if the President has VOLUNTEERED to be on YOUR TALK SHOW... Are you writing this down, Conan?)
What is it about her that you think makes her LESS QUALIFIED than YOU? Her HAIR? Maybe it's the way she has boobies... that always changes the STATUS LEVEL of a human, and what about that CUTE LITTLE POUT! How DARE she act like a real citizen who is doing the job she was hired for! Like, Oh My God! Gag me with a spoon!
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