Only Fools Fall For "Women Are Crazy"

The most popular way to destroy a female's reputation, and thereby weaken or remove normal support networks made up of friends, family, acquaintances and coworkers, is to imply that she is emotionally unstable. It also helps to block future career and social success. ("You're reputation precedes you" is usually a true statement). This tactic has worked well for eons, so well that it has become nearly invisible; people are so used to it. All one has to do is point out something random about a female and declare it to be evidence of instability.

Pretty much anything will work; if the woman likes to cook a lot, she's obsessed with cooking, and she gets her identity from it (it's not just something she likes to do, and she's good at it.) If she loves animals and rescues strays and wild animals, (and she doesn't have a veterinary degree), she is obsessed with them, and it must be filling a hole because she doesn't have enough children... If she's a writer, or an artist, she is a "wanna-be" or she's "out there", until of course she starts making serious money with it, and then suddenly everyone wants to be her friend, and they all knew she would make it one day... (This is the point where she moves far away from all the people who did NOT support her and called her crazy behind her back, and made it much more difficult for her to find success.) If she studies science, she's "eccentric", or "weird". Etc, etc. Oh! And let's not forget the way she does her hair, the amount of make-up she wears (or doesn't wear), what her fingernails look like, the heels on her shoes, the clothes she wears, and whether she's married, single, has kids, doesn't have kids... and ANYTHING she likes to talk about, or what she does for recreation. Anything at all... can be misconstrued, magnified, twisted, and turned into something that it's not, in order to turn it into evidence of her "instability".

EVEN surviving an ordeal can be skewed for this yucky purpose... "Look what she's been through, she's 'all used up', 'loopy', 'neurotic'," etc. Not "Look what she's been through, what a strong person, and maybe we should listen to what she says since she's experienced things that we haven't".

Easy easy to do this to females, since most males want to be seen as the more stable gender, so they'll throw their own sister or wife under this bus just to be compared as the "stable one". And everyone is well aware of how competitive females can be, so using "she's crazy" against another female is quick and easy. People swallow it like M&M's. (Oh look at the crazy girl! Now we can use her as a dumping ground for all our gossip compulsions, we don't have to worry about our men looking at her or leaving us for her, and we can blame her for our bad feelings and anything that goes wrong in our lives whenever we feel like it, and no one will question it, or stand up for her! Also, we now have an excuse to dismiss anything and everything she says and does if we don't like it!) If you are actually a real friend, this is not something you would do. But if you go around trying to make yourself look sane, stable, and innocent by telling everyone your female friend/partner/relative is "unstable", then you are not now, and never have been, a real friend. And you should not be surprised when that person stops talking to you, and has to move away because their support network is not only destroyed, but works against them. When you spread rumors about a person, or implications about their mental or emotional stability, it spreads like a virus. People who get off on trashing other people take that ball and run with it, and pass it to anyone who will listen. When you imply that a person is crazy (especially when they're not, but you are trying to fit in with people who have control and gossip issues) you will obliterate their credibility and destroy their prospects of success and happiness. It is a sick and cruel thing to do. Most people have no idea how easy it is to do to someone, or how impossible it is to repair the damage once it's been done.