Signs You May Be Group Stalked

You can take it lightly if you want, but discounting it as paranoid is just naive. Anyone who has ever attended school can attest to humans stalking a target in groups. It's just another one of those Chimpanzee behaviors that some humans get a monkey-charge out of. Whether it's a creepy neighborhood group, a bunch of coworkers who should be doing something better with their time, a family group who make it a habit to scapegoat one of their own, a corrupt business group who get more out of controlling other humans than making actual product, or a government agency who's members have too many toys and too much money, group stalking really happens.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you"

You may be a victim of organized stalking if:
* You sense you are being watched and followed everywhere you go. * You notice consistently rude behavior from people you don't know for no apparent reason. * You hear excerpts from conversations you had in the privacy of your home coming from people around you. * You feel that... those around you have access to your thoughts. * Your relationships and friendships all become distant or strained for no apparent reason. * You have problems on the job where groups of people are plotting to have you terminated. * Your business deals consistently fall through for no apparent reason. * You experience vandalism on a regular basis. * You notice that your things are not in the same place you left them when you left home or some small items may be missing. * You experience frequent car repairs. * You experience frequent appliance or electronic malfunctions.