Conditioning And Beliefs

How does conditioning work~ in the simplest terms, we were taught what to see in the world around us, and not to see what's really there. It's not just this thing that others conspire in dark rooms to accomplish, it is just what happens as children grow up. Whatever a child is raised around comes to feel "Normal" and "Correct". The higher the numbers of individuals within a community who are conditioned to feel and believe a certain thing, the more "Normal" and "Correct" it seems, because so many people are living as if the belief is real, and therefore don't question it.

We only hear the funny in a joke if a certain kind of person tells it; we actually DISMISS the humor coming from one person, but laugh our asses off when another person tells the lamest joke ever.
We believe "factoids" coming from a certain kind of person, and we don't double-check them, and DISMISS actual facts coming from another kind of person.
We allow one kind of person to act domineering and bullish, and make excuses for them, even defend them, and we react SEVERELY toward another kind of person when they DON'T behave submissively.
We want to be led by one kind of person, and REJECT leadership from another kind of person, even if they are the smartest person we've ever met.
We do not ALLOW one kind of person to LEARN things if they don't fit our own personal typecasting, we actually create hostile environments to make them not be able to learn, or make them give up and leave. This is our subconscious trying to make our conditioned beliefs match reality.

There are millions of examples of conditioned beliefs that humans live under. What is truly amazing is how people do not cross-reference and reality-check with other regions and cultures. The stereotype in one region can be diametrically opposed to the stereotype in another region, but instead of seeing this disparity as evidence of a false conditioned belief, people usually react with "Those other people are wrong, we are right".

When we believe that having a certain amount of money makes you "good", and having a different amount of money makes you "bad", we have been conditioned.
When we believe a job is a "man's job", and we really think this belief is true, we have been conditioned. When we believe that another job is a "woman's job", we have been conditioned in the same way.
Deeper conditioning that damages relationships and communities occurs when a lot of people believe that individuals have LIMITED ABILITY AND POTENTIAL because of their sex or their race.

It is possible to teach children to see things as they really are, but few adults do this, or are aware that it's either possible, or important.