Needy People, Bad Daughters, Weak People, Crazy Mothers, Stupid People

Is your daughter crazy, a slob, a bitch?
Is your girlfriend too needy, too verbose, doesn't do what she's told?
Is your boyfriend driving you crazy with his affection, or his effeminate behavior?  
Are you sick of your mother thinking that she can do anything that a man can do, and wish she'd just accept the fact that she's just a woman and has limitations?
Does it drive you nuts how wussy your friend is, and how he doesn't ask for your advice?
Do you constantly think your son is in need of correction, or doesn't deserve your approval as a person?
Are you disgusted by the way some people don't keep up a sparkling image with their clothes, their hair, their car?
Do you hate people who seem to have everything handed to them?
Does it get on your nerves when people who just SHOULD NOT DO what they "think" they're good at keep doing it anyway? 
Do you believe that everyone has the exact same start in life, and some just choose to fail?
Do you notice when people make mstiakes, and believe that these mistakes are evidence of their incompetence as a human being?

Do you believe that everyone who does not share your point of view about all things is an idiot?
Does it piss you off when someone wants you to listen to their point of view, or to treat them with the same respect that you expect from them?
Do you honestly believe that you are always the one being attacked, and that you are never the one doing the disrespecting?
When you read something that does not have your name in it, or is not addressed to you, do you assume it's about you anyway, or against you, and not consider the possibility that it was never about you, but since you identified with whatever was written, you assumed it was?
You might want to look this up, here's a link (click on it):  Narcissism

See if you can find your name.