Rage Against Rage Against Feminism

Once again, I sit in amazement as I read comment after comment, post after post, and rant after rant by seemingly intelligent people who apparently have a severe addiction to adrenaline and hatred.

I have never seen such incredible examples of clique behavior in humans than when the subject of feminism is broached in the slightest way.

As if they are covered in third degree burns and getting pelted with shrapnel, the extreme emotional reactivity from all sides regarding this subject is astounding. Such a low level of rational thought combined with a ridiculous volatility makes a real case for primal threat reaction, such as when a group of animals panic when a predator is near. 

Why do so many people react with extreme hostility, which is never to be confused with rational thought, every time the subject is mentioned in any way? Why do so many people have absolutely ZERO interest in learning about real life experiences, observations, or point of view, but yet have HIGHLY emotional reactions toward a subject they refuse to talk about or study in earnest?

Why is there SO LITTLE objectivity, or even relatively calm or respectful discussion, regarding female humans in reality?

Welcome to Primate World, my little monkeys. If you feel the adrenaline squirt every time a subject comes up, or you feel like you're on a "side" or a "team", sorry, but it's not the "intellect" part of your big Great Ape brain that you're using. Objectivity is out the window, far, far away..
For my more evolved Humanoid friends who want to test their reactivity (who haven't already done so), see how long you can listen to, or read, an account of an experience from a person whom you feel is on the "other" team. See how well you can separate them from yourself, and see how fully you can put yourself INSIDE of their shoes, inside of their hearts, inside of their heads. See how long you can listen (or read) with pure observation, with NONE of your own opinion or judgment clouding your head. Believe it or not, there are actual human beings who do this easily on a regular basis, and they are mere mortals. If they can do it, it can be done by any human with reasonable intelligence if effort is applied. .