Democrats vs. Republicans

Politics, really... Remember in elementary school when kids made little groups and said their group was the GOOD group and the other kids were dumb, or ugly, or weak, or whatever? You know how adults do that with their political party? Theirs is the GOOD group, and everyone in it is perfect, and anyone in the other party is stupid?
WHY are ADULTS still doing what should have been left in elementary school?!!
If you want to understand what's going on for REAL, if you give crap-one about the country you live in and your kids are growing up in, then STOP with the pedestals for your own party, and vilifying the OTHER party. STOP with the HATING everyone who doesn't go along with YOUR "party line", and stop believing you know everything that's in the heads of all the politicians, and what's REALLY going on in Congress, you DON'T KNOW. (If you think you do, then you should go get your complimentary PhD from Oxford, because you're a freaking PSYCHIC GENIUS.)  GUESS WHAT? BOTH PARTIES WANT YOU TO HATE THE OTHER ONE. It keeps you TALKING, it keeps you HATING, it keeps you LOYAL no matter WHAT they do.  If they can get you to HATE one party and FOLLOW the other, they don't care WHICH ONE, they can lead you around like a pony. You can choose to believe it or not, it doesn't matter, it 's still real, and it's still how Politics works. What's your favorite baseball team, what's your favorite football team? Which one do you HATE? How emotionally charged do you get when you're watching your favorite play against the one you hate? Why do you HATE or LOVE a freaking sports team? They (politicians, media, advertisers) know what makes humans tick, and they USE it to their advantage. There are VERY FEW politicians who actually make it all the way to office and stay there with their integrity intact, and with anyone else's best interest in mind besides there OWN, because getting there is TOO HARD if you have integrity and you're NOT a Shark who plays the Politics Game. Why do you think it's all lawyers now? Where are the non-lawyers? Why don't scientists ever get elected? Where are all the REGULAR CITIZENS who aren't in the lawyer clique? Hellooo.... Trusting "YOUR" Party is simply naive. Vilifying the other party (and your friends who belong to that party) is just as naive. Stop FOLLOWING and start Paying Attention, for real. When is the last time you read an entire bill all the way to the end, and completely understood everything in it? Do you know the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence by heart? When is the last time you read it? Do you know WHY they were written, and why each item was written? How much history of each party do you actually know? Stop FOLLOWING and start Paying Attention. THEY ALL WORK FOR ME, THEY ALL WORK FOR YOU. ALL of them, regardless of their Party affiliation. And WE are ALL CITIZENS, EQUALLY, regardless of our Party affiliation.
Stop FOLLOWING. Stop VILIFYING. Stop DEMONIZING. Stop raising them up on pedestals. Politicans are just PEOPLE who WORK FOR US, the CITIZENS of this country, and WE are "THE PEOPLE", ALL OF US, TOGETHER.