Government, Politics, Responsibility

Open message to all of us who complain and rant about the government all the time:

If you want people running the government who don't bullsh**, better learn to start learning what the truth sounds like coming out of your own mouth.

You want rights?
When's the last time you stood up for someone else who was being mistreated or disrespected?

You want real respect?
When's the last time you gave it to your wife or your mother? Your brother or sister? The woman at the far desk at your office? The students or teachers at school? The people you see in the store, or on the street?

You want the truth?
How much of it do you share with your girlfriend? Or boyfriend?

You want fairness?
Who's in charge of the money in your household, just you, or does your spouse have an equal say?

You want loyalty?
Yeah, right... do you even know what that means, modern world citizen? Loyalty means actually being loyal to a person, so they don't have to worry about you blowing them off, leaving them alone in times of crisis or pain, cheating on them, turning on them, or backstabbing them.

You want help?
When's the last time you helped someone you didn't already like? When's the last time you helped without expecting a reward, recognition, or payback?

You want equality?
How are you treating ALL the people in your life?

You want accountability and responsibility from the people in the government?
How are you at taking responsibility for the way you treat people? For the way you behave, and the example you set? How much accountability do you take for the problems in your life, and in your relationships? Is it ever your fault? Or is someone "always blaming you" but you're completely innocent all the time...or nothing you do is that bad...Or "the kids all know it's out there anyway, why hide it"...
Or my favorite... it's not my problem, why should I do anything about it...

We don't GET what we aren't willing to GIVE.

The government is just people, just like you and me. How are we gonna hold them up to higher expectations as human beings than we hold ourselves to?

And how are we going to judge the crap they pull against the crap we pull every day?