Narcissism Looks Like This

The single biggest difference between a Narcissist and a Non-Narcissist is how worried they are about BEING a Narcissist. A person who is afflicted will dismiss the concept altogether, as if it's Poppycock... or, dismiss the idea that they could have it... or, completely deny having it... or, dismiss, vilify, oppose and devalue anyone who talks about the disorder or supports abuse victims. (A Narcissist also may devalue abuse victims/targets in general. This contributes to their denial issues, since most Narcissists were actually victims of some form of abuse at some point.)

If a Narcissist sees a list of traits, they will pick through them and find the ones that don't apply, and use those as evidence that they are NOT "Narcissists".
A NON-Narcissist will read the same list, and recognizing a couple in themselves, will immediately feel a twinge of worry that they have the disorder, and worry about what kind of problems they have been causing or how they have hurt others.
A list of Narcissism traits, if he or she reads it at all, will invoke emotions like annoyance, defensiveness, or anger for a person with Narcissism.

Narcissists rarely go to therapy for any reason at all; they won't go to help themselves, and they will rarely go for or about someone else. They don't care about the afflictions of others, they don't try to learn about them, they don't try to understand them, they don't have any interest in helping them heal. The only reason a Narcissist will go to therapy is to get a counselor to agree with them about what's wrong with another person, and to try to get the counselor to agree that they are a victim of this person, and that this person is truly the "problem" in everyone's lives. They can't conceive that there is more than one person involved who is contributing to the issues and problems, the "blame" has to lie squarely on one person's shoulders, and NOT on their own, at all. They have to remain blame-free at all costs in their own minds.
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