Why The World Tends To Suck

Good relationship and community: Everyone is Royalty, everyone is enthusiastically supported, cheered for, protected and cared for by everyone else. Feelings that predominate are curiosity, enthusiasm, hope, joy, contentment, concern for others, confidence, peace of mind, camaraderie, and love.

Bad relationship and community: Royalty elects themselves, and decides who is not worthy of a seat at the Royal table, and who is. Royalty also elects themselves judge and jury, and sees their opinions as facts, and cannot discern between the two. Feelings that predominate are envy, resentment, judgment, anxiety, fear, jealousy, shame, supremacy, lust, greed, hate, and desire to control. Royalty would rather exact "punishment" than figure out solutions, because it feels like power. Royalty has interest only in their own well-being, and will take whatever they need in order to feel satiated.

"Good" here implies a system that can freely expand, progress, and grow, that remains balanced, which provides every person with opportunity to build upon their own talents and aspirations.

"Bad" here implies a system revolving around a black hole that cannot expand, that is completely out of balance, and that will destroy its own resources and eventually implode.

Only people who can understand basic physics would see why the balance is important. And out of those people, only those who are able to put the balance ahead of their own ego issues really get it. In other words, a physics genius who thinks himself superior, or another inferior, still won't be able to grasp the concept; but a person with an average or lower IQ who can intuitively understand why a seesaw works, or why the planets revolve around the sun, who sees that every person has the same importance as everyone else, will be able to grasp the concept easily. .
Obviously a physics genius who does not have a superiority complex can most easily grasp the concept, it's all about balance and maintenance.