Giving Recognition And Credit; Narcissism

A common trait in humans that is magnified in those who are afflicted with Narcissism: Seeking credit, seeking recognition, wanting to be seen as a natural expert, leader, guru in a way that puts them above others, and forgetting that something was LEARNED.

They seem to forget: there was a time BEFORE I knew how to do this thing. A time BEFORE I understood this concept; BEFORE I became "good at" a specific skill, BEFORE I had this much money, BEFORE I acquired this college degree or certificate.

They seem to forget that they learned the things they know how to do, and the concepts they understand, and WHO taught them.  Human beings, but Narcissists in particular, will give credit only to those they have put on a pedestal as "Leader", including themselves, and they will DELETE recognition of anyone they have mentally placed in a "lower" position.

For example, they will learn how to play the piano, and with each skill level they master, they will immediately look down on anyone who has (in their opinion) not reached that skill level. They seem to literally forget that they had to learn and practice in order to attain that skill level. The person who taught them how to play will ONLY get credit or recognition IF they have been placed on a pedestal of "higher status". If not, they will be looked down upon along with everyone else, and the FACT and REALITY of their TEACHING will simply be minimized, diminished, or even deleted. 

Narcissists will even repeat back what someone else said if they judge that person as an "underling". They may even give credit for it to someone else whom they judge as "high status". For example if they have mentally placed their cousin to be "lower status", and this cousin tells them about a relaxation technique that turns out to be very helpful, they will often DELETE the fact that it was this "lower status" cousin was the person who told them. Then they will act as if they discovered it on their own, OR they will transfer the credit for who told them about it onto another person, someone they deem "higher status".  They may later tell this same cousin all about this relaxation technique, EVEN IF this cousin was the INVENTOR of the technique.

Anyone who has been placed mentally as "lower status" is presumed to know LESS, and anyone who has been placed mentally as "higher status" is presumed to know MORE. About nearly anything and everything. Including the person themselves.

This is another developmental delay~ it's common in human children, but would be grown out of in an ideal environment. If a child is exposed to one or more adults who encourage or model this behavior, it's easy to see why the child might get "stuck" there.

This automatic arrogance is often linked with sexism; the girl who is taught how to sew by her mother, aunt, or female teacher may also be taught that she can learn how to sew because she is a GIRL, and her brother would not be able to learn how to sew because he's a clutzy boy. So this girl believes she has innate capability OVER her brother in regard to sewing, but she takes no account that her brother was not encouraged to learn how to sew, or even welcomed into the sewing lessons. In the meantime, her brother is getting the same treatment by their father, uncle, or male teacher while being taught auto mechanics. Instead of simply teaching the boy about auto mechanics, the male mentor injects male-identification into these lessons, creating a "male-only" atmosphere. The boy, like his sister, doesn't take into account that his sister was purposely kept out of the lessons, unwelcomed, and that is why she didn't learn about auto mechanics.

Even if there are two brothers and two sisters, logic doesn't seem to sink in. One brother turns out to be a fast learner regarding auto mechanics, and the other does not seem to pick it up well at all. But the brother who does not pick it up is STILL given the credit of having an innate ability to understand cars better than his sister just because he's a boy, even though he has shown over and over that he has no such innate ability. But their sister, who might actually be quite inclined to understand auto mechanics and pick it up quickly is never given the chance.

The same is happening with the two sisters; one sister picks up sewing very quickly, and is able to learn complicated tailoring and design techniques, but the other doesn't pick it up well at all. The sister who is not picking it up is STILL expected to be innately better at sewing than her brother, and is STILL given that credit. Even if her brother has been sewing his own buttons and seams.

Both brother and sister are given automatic recognition for innate abilities that they DO NOT HAVE.
Both are DENIED the opportunity to find out if they have innate abilities in other things that they might have loved doing.

The lesson they are all being taught includes believing they have "innate ability" because of their sex, and that the other sex has no such "innate ability" for this particular skill. In reality, innate talent comes in all colors, sizes, and bodies, but can go NOWHERE if there is no opportunity to learn the actual skills. Expertise requires learning, period. Even the world's most recognized "geniuses" had to LEARN HOW. If they were not allowed to go near their subject of interest, they would not have accomplished what they did.