Why Didn't I See The Red Flags?

"Why didn't I see it?"
~Because, it seemed normal, familiar, comfortable, and safe. The red flags looked like victory flags; this person GETS me, this person understands me, this person SEES me.

Take bunny rabbits.
There are only two kinds of creatures who SEE bunny rabbits and pay attention to them; other bunny rabbits, and predators.

Other bunny rabbits see each other as individual "persons", and are interested in genuinely listening to one another and getting to know one another; playing, running, and building lives with one another.

Bunny rabbits are also surrounded by other creatures who don't really care about who they are or what they think. These creatures don't care much about playing with bunny rabbits, listening to them, or doing anything constructive or productive with them. They don't care about the thoughts, motivations, or inner worlds of bunny rabbits. They know they exist, but they aren't really interested in being their friend; they won't do much to help them when they need help, and they won't give them credit or recognition for the wonderful things they do. These creatures' lack of care and interest can make a bunny rabbit feel very alone.

Predators, however, ARE genuinely interested in listening to bunny rabbits, and getting to know them, and building connections with them. They pay lots of attention to them, and seem to care very much about what they're doing and why they're doing it. They look bunny rabbits in the eye and watch what bunny rabbits do, and happily follow them around... Just... not for the same reasons. 

M.M. Black