Rhode Island Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Alright! Congratulations! Rhode Island! 

If marriage is Religious, it should never have been a civil ceremony in the first place. And if it's going to be included in government, then sorry, someone else's religious beliefs about WHO can or can't marry WHO CAN'T apply. It should not be civil, period. It should only be a religious and private ceremony, because it's a RELIGIOUS CEREMONY...hellooooo... Not real difficult. But since it got enmeshed into the dysfunctional governmental process, now you don't have a choice, you have to make it actually non-bigoted and non-partial. (SUCKS, DON'T IT! NEXT they'll be letting GIRLS into COLLEGE! What the hell is this, some kind of "Freedom Land"?!?)

Saying that only men and woman can marry each other because religious doctrine and same sex people can't...that's like saying only people with blue eyes should be allowed to drive a car because Thor had a chariot and he was a Viking. (I would sign that law! Hells yeah! Get about 80% of drivers off the road! No more road rage, no more getting CUT OFF on the HIGHWAY by MORONS! Way less cars! But I would be being a bigoted ass, now, wouldn't I?! And we don't do the bigotry thing here in America...lol..)

(Oh to my "friends" who "hate" gay marriage, please know that I don't give a crap what you think anymore than you ever gave me one iota of respect. (You CAN'T, women, blonds and/or short people aren't real "people", (whichever thing you use)  like you and your buddies, right? Lol. Oh wait, you respected me until you saw this post right? Haha! Another excuse.)  Unfriend me, please, do me a favor. And message me so I can remember who you are, my short term memory is starting to fade.