Self SERVing

Ever notice that when something or someone is hacked, a lot of hackers will claim that it was a protest against stupid laws and bad government or corrupt corporation, so they do things to DESTROY and screw things up, but they hardly EVER hack anything to HELP anyone. Why the hell would someone hack a person who sticks up for those who were treated like crap by control freaks? Why would a hacker attack a person who is ANTI-control freak? Why are they trying to WRECK things, when they could just as easily HELP?
Same amount of effort and expertise, no difference there. If it takes a genius to wreck something, then what kind of genius does it take to actually make something BETTER?

Why is the goal always destruction instead of helping someone, and actually accomplishing something real and positive, and help them to help OTHERS, and actually make the world BETTER instead of SUCK MORE??!

I would put specific examples here, but I don't think that's necessary, anyone who's smart enough to hack is smart enough to figure that out.

Every brick we lift is used either to smash something, or to build something. Before it's used, it's just a brick. After it's used, it has become either a weapon of destruction, or a building block of creation. WE choose which it will be.