Women Who Bully Women

Narcissistic women like to "emasculate" other women. No one seems to notice, because of the gender conditioning in the culture.

>They like to treat another woman like she is a physical weakling, a child, a novice, a beginner.
>They like to treat another woman as if she is fearful, shy, anxious, or has low self-esteem.
>They like to treat another woman like she is NOT CAPABLE, either mentally or physically, or like she is terribly inexperienced.
>They LOVE to treat another woman as if she is mentally or emotionally unstable.
>They enjoy micro-judging and micro-managing another woman.
>They like very much to try and cast shame on another woman for anything she has, is, or does that they're jealous of. (Talent, money, possessions, recognition, friends, looks, etc.).
>They like to pull passive aggressive moves like withholding messages and information,  throwing things away, rearranging things, giving their target a smaller portion of food, a dirty cup, or even adding something to food without telling the target (like putting mustard on a sandwich when they know full well the target can't eat mustard, or putting medicine in the target's drink or food "for their own good").
>They enjoy making up fictional negative stories about the target and spreading them to family and friends, or revealing confidences that the target had entrusted them with.
>They love to get attention from men for their appearance, so they will often dress to the nines and act more "feminine" on purpose.
>They get a THRILL out of treating the MAN their target woman is with like Royalty, both in BUSINESS and in SOCIAL situations, and watching him respond to the ego stroking. Especially when the man seems to "forget" all about the woman he's supposed to be WITH. Both younger and older narc. women do this, they just use different tactics.
(Unfortunately most men fall for this hook line and sinker, both in business and social circles. If you find one that doesn't, who has awareness of both male and female manipulators, don't forget his name, he's rare.)
Narcissistic women will also use the male bias of OTHERS to control, manipulate, and diminish their target woman.
They also may adapt for themselves an attitude of anti-female bias that seems to mimic that of a sex-bigoted MALE. This may be an attempt to "fit in" with men; the Narcissist female of course wants to be associated with whoever she perceives as having the most power.