Healthy Friendships, Happy Relationships, Peaceful And Productive Life

There are things a healthy human being expects from others around them in life, from those who call themselves "family" and "friend". A healthy person gives them naturally, and expects to receive them naturally. These things are simply normal components of human relationships and connections.

Things such as polite and honorable communication at all times, regardless of what the communication is about;

respect for personal space, time, privacy, and tolerance levels;

emotional support when a person is sad, upset, angry, worried, or scared;

basic help and assistance when reasonably needed;

emotional support, assistance, and physical presence when at all actually possible (above and beyond) in crisis, emergency, tragedy, injury or illness;

being stood up for against disrespecters, attackers, cons, abusers, injustice, and backstabbers;

reciprocal companionship, meeting in the middle with interests and activities;

consideration for one another's resources and well-being as a matter of course;

mutual and genuine respect and support of one another's accomplishments, point of view, intelligence, experience, potential, capabilities, plans, and ambitions;

respect and consideration toward one's other family members and friends.

These basic and normal expectations can not and will not be fulfilled by a "Narcissist", regardless of their relationship to the person.