Human Tribal Obsession

So which one of our groups is better than the other ones this week?

Which one of the "tribes" we belong to is the one we are identifying with as superior today?

Let me see, maybe it's our Ancestry tribe. We whose lineage come from such and such a country are the Great Ones, and our family lineage is the Cream of the Crop among them.
What was the ancestry of that country before? Where did the tribes come from who invaded and stayed there? They were Great too... better than all the other ones. Stronger, faster, smarter...

Or maybe today it's the town we live in now. Everyone from our area is smarter and more experienced, and has more common sense than the entire rest of the region.

How about our Political Party? Make sure we capitalize the words. OUR Political Party, the one WE belong to, is definitely the better one. We are all more intelligent, more ethical, kinder, and light years beyond the other ones. Which one are we? Oh yeah, that's right, the GOOD one... Which one is that? Well the one WE belong to, of course! We wouldn't belong to it if it wasn't the BEST one... Actually, we are all kind of spiritually related in this Party, unlike the other Parties... they're all just a bunch of idiots. OUR Party is the SMART and GOOD Party, we're head and shoulders above the other ones. Aren't we?! (Which Party is it again?)

Perhaps this week the Tribe we are focused on is our sexual orientation. WE are the ones who should be ruling over the other ones! WE are the ones who are RIGHT, and WE are BETTER than THEM. They are ALL crazy and stupid, WE are all smart, innocent and perfect.

Or, the Tribe of the week can be our sex. Male, female, ONE of them is superior to the other, they CAN'T be equal, because they're DIFFERENT, so one HAS to be inferior. And of course whichever one WE ARE is the one that's SUPERIOR. ALL of the one sex is superior, and ALL of the other sex is inferior. Except maybe one or two extra smart and extra cool people... but that's it, and those exceptions aren't really as good as WE ARE, they're just not as inferior as the rest of their kind. WE are the supreme ones, in almost every way.

Let's not forget race! OUR race is of course the best one, even though we tolerate the others. Skin, hair, and eye color show who WE ARE! Forget about what those Genome scientists said~ we LIKE to separate ourselves by the way we look and set ourselves ABOVE. WE are the innocent ones, ALL of us, and THEY are not... What race are we again? Oh yeah, OUR race, the one we SAY we belong to.

How about Music Genre~ all the people who listen to the same music as we do are JUST LIKE US, and WE are the ones who understand the WORLD. Those OTHER people who listen to that OTHER music don't understand anything. They're just stupid. WE are the ones who GET ALL OF IT.

All those who are fans of the same sport as US are special members of a special tribe. And even more special and elite are all who are fans of the team WE follow. OUR team is the greatest (we just ignore it when players get traded), WE have the best players on OUR TEAM! And we will fight anyone who isn't a member of our tribe! Dareth not to speak ill words of OUR TEAM, oh heathenous wretch...

Let's make this week's tribe OUR RELIGION. WHOSOEVER follows the same doctrine as US is a fellow tribal member, and WE are RIGHT! Whosoever REJECTS the same doctrine as WE DO is a fellow tribal member, and WE are RIGHT! No other group has any idea what they're talking about, ONLY WE DO!!! And we are prepared to FIGHT ABOUT IT, and TRAMPLE the RIGHTS and FREEDOM of ANYONE who does NOT BELONG TO OUR TRIBE! Because they're STUPID, and WE ARE SMART!

How about next week we make OUR TRIBE about our College, or our Degree?
The week after that we can make OUR TRIBE be about our regional dialect.
Let's make it about how TALL we are!
How about the cars we have, or our jobs? The company WE work for?
Oh Oh Oh! What about the SKILLS we have! That's a really good one...

We can always find a TRIBE to belong to, and that TRIBE will always be the SUPERIOR one compared to all the others...
Even if we switch from one to the other, the new tribe will now be the BETTER tribe....

Even the sentient awareness of Human Tribal social behavior is not enough to WAKE US UP, is it?