Musical Brain Exercise

brain exercise with music

Listen first to an inspiring, happy, wholesome song, it can't have any negativity, hostility, drugs, sex, or anti-female or anti-male stuff in it. Something spiritually uplifting. (If not, the exercise won't work.)
It can be instrumental, classical, jazz, rock, gospel, something that lifts the heart and the spirit.

Next, listen to it again, and really pay attention to the feeling it inspires.

Next, listen to it in your head for a little while, and feel that uplifted feeling inside you.

The next step is just to listen to more songs, whatever you want, don't worry about the genre. While you're listening to the other songs,REMAIN in the uplifted state that the first song inspired you to feel. See how long you can stay there during the other songs.

When the uplifted feeling starts to fade and is interrupted by the feelings from the other songs, shut them off and play the first one again. Then go back to the other songs, and keep maintaining the uplifted feeling.

See how long you can remain above the effects of the other songs, and remain in that uplifted ZONE.