My Party Is The Righteous Party

When we find ourselves using a Political Party, a religion, or any other group as a Clique, or a gang we might want to take a moment to reflect on our underlying emotional issues.

~Why am I seeking to fit in? What am I lacking?
~Why do I feel like I need to be recognized as a "member" of a larger group in order to feel respected and recognized?
~Who am I afraid of? Why do I fear being singled out and rejected? Who is it in my life who singles out and ostracizes people who don't agree with them?
~Do I avoid airing my own point of view for fear of embarrassment or humiliation?
~Do I actually believe that anyone who isn't in my Clique is a lesser kind of human being, and I, along with my fellow Clique members,  know all the answers and are categorically better?

( A Clique is a group where "we" are the "right/good/smart/better ones" and "they" are the "wrong/bad/dumb/lesser ones", and we have no interest in hearing "their" point of view, and reject those who don't belong to our Clique, who don't follow along with us and agree with us.)