But They Don't Deserve Equal Rights Or Privileges

If you see an entire group of human beings as generally "child like", weaker, less intelligent and less capable, and your group as "adult like", stronger, more intelligent and more capable, then you might have "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", or someone else who has it has taught you to believe their personal ego and insecurity issues as if they are part of objective reality. 
(It's usually taught more by modeling these issues and beliefs than by direct teaching, but both are often done at the same time.)

It is quite possible and not very difficult to heal from; all it takes is the mental capability to use critical and lateral thinking, and the courage to self-examine, face the fear of seeing one's own "flaws". (All humans have "flaws", many, many, many... when one develops a sense of humor, flaws are easy to accept and improve upon.)