How To End Sexism

The way to end sexism is not to try to convince people who are sexist to stop being sexist, they're too far gone, it's a waste of time and energy, much like teaching a pig to sing. The way to end it is for women who have awareness to stop competing against one another, start supporting one another instead of vying and triangulating to gain acceptance and approval from others, and stop teaching children to have sex bias just so they'll fit in with our own ego and insecurity issues. Of course, it may be an impossible task; it would take a majority of mature and emotionally secure human beings to accomplish such a paradigm shift in human behavior. Too many will throw their own relatives under a bus if they think it will improve their own lot, they don't want fairness for others, only for themselves, which of course means no one gets fairness, but try to explain that.

Women must wake up and take their own reins, and comfort their own kind, and stop competing with their neighbors, mothers, sisters, cousins, daughters, and coworkers for male attention and approval. Stop this believing that males hold all the power and we have to go THROUGH THEM to get our needs met. We don't need to go through males for anything, and therefore there's no need to tear them apart. We need to get our needs met ourselves, but when we compete against other women all the time, refusing to support them, refusing to bond with them, constantly judging and denying them the support that we lavish on men we don't even know, denying them credit and respect, even our own family members, then we get what we deserve.

Don't whine about sexism and then trash the next pretty girl you see. Don't complain about how men hold all the power when you wouldn't lift a finger to support another woman who just might know something you don't, or have a skill or talent that you don't, or who some guy might look at. Women are the real cause of sexism, we are the ones who RAISE CHILDREN.