Narcissists Call Other People Narcissists

"She is so self-centered! All she does is sit there on her computer!"

"All he cares about is his wife and family! He never hangs out with us anymore!"

"She's gone all the time, she says she's taking photographs, always has that stupid camera with her."

"All he does is read and study, read and study. He needs to wake up and smell the coffee, life isn't about books and school."

"She thinks she's a writer!"
"He thinks he's some kind of artist!"
"She fancies herself an actress..."
"He thinks he's going to be a real lawyer someday."
"She thinks she's a real carpenter."
"They think they're real musicians."
"She thinks she's gonna be some kind of scientist... give me a break..."
"He thinks he's gonna go to Hollywood and be a stuntman, as if..."

"All they talk about is those stupid animals!"

"Look at them! They think they're so great!"

"She's always up in her room, she doesn't care about the rest of the family at all. Always sulking. And it's always 'poor me, poor me!' Like she's the first female who ever got touched by a boy or a man! Give me a break, 'rape'... please... And besides she brought it on herself, dressing like such a slut! She needs to grow up and stop being so self-centered!"

To a Narcissistic person, anyone who is doing something other than fulfilling their wishes and being at their beck and call, anyone who is actually doing something else besides being their audience, servant, constant companion, nursemaid, trophy, workhorse, assistant, sidekick, punching bag, or bank (depending on the individual's preferred supply) is a selfish, arrogant, controlling, abusive, neglectful. rebellious, self-centered brat. INCLUDING those who are physically ill, emotionally distressed (sad, afraid, worried, scared, anxious), or mentally compromised for any reason.

Some examples that demonstrate the severity of this:

A nurse who is angry and annoyed whenever a patient rings the call bell.
A teacher who becomes very annoyed whenever a student doesn't understand, or asks for extra help after class.
A husband who becomes annoyed and angry when his wife can't get out of bed and do her usual routine because she has a broken limb.
A parent who rages at their child for studying instead of making herself available for the parent's next command.
A psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor who rejects patients for not getting better, who gets annoyed or even angry at patients who don't respond to treatment "quickly enough", and who labels patients "fixable" or "not fixable".
A psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor or medical doctor who gets annoyed or angry when a client shows to have knowledge about or insight into psychology, psychiatry, or medical science.
A wife who becomes angry when her husband pays attention to their daughter.
A pet owner who gets genuinely angry at their pet (for whatever reason).
A parent who is annoyed or angry that their child spends time with friends (or has a romantic partner.)
A parent who is annoyed or angry that their child likes the other parent (or another adult) and wants to spend time with them. (In the absence of abuse and manipulation on the other adult's part.)
A parent who gets genuinely angry at their infant or small child.
A caregiver for the "mentally challenged" who gets annoyed and angry at their clients for not complying with their commands, for "making a mess", for complying with a schedule, or for expressing emotions, needs, or wants.
Any caregiver (including parents)who gets annoyed or angry with their charge for expressing emotions, physical pain, making requests, expressing opinions, or being ill.
A family member who is angry and annoyed at another family member because they show trauma symptoms from having been abused or traumatized.
A family member who is angry and annoyed at another family member who has physical illness or injury, because they are "disrupting the narcissistic person's life".
A family member or friend who is angry, annoyed, and disdainful toward an abuse victim who is trying to distance themselves from an abuser and/or trying to recover, because they LIKE the abuser and don't want to lose their own relationship with them, and don't want the abuser to get exposed or blamed.

Narcissists are literally only concerned with their own feelings, and whether they feel that they, personally, are gaining or losing something from any situation.

Therefore, to them, if a person is busy studying for an exam, it means that they are not available. Further, it also means that when they acquire that degree, they might be even less available.

If a person is on the stage performing, then they are not available for them. Further, their performance might outshine the Narcissists', and that can't happen.

If a person is working on a project, it means they are not available. And further, if the project turns out to be successful, all kinds of mayhem could happen, like success, recognition, more opportunities, more new people, all of which means that the person may end up become less available, and also less easy to control.

To a Narcissist, those who they have designated as targets (both in their personal lives and in the society at large) are actually perceived as "rebellious" and "self-centered" when they pursue anything that does not include serving the Narcissist's personal agenda, either on a personal level or on a wider societal level.

It is the same whether it's in the home, or whether it's found on a wider, cultural level.

Whoever is a designated target is discouraged from pursuing their own goals, and is not cared for, but is expected to care for others, as if it's they're Life Duty, the "station" they were born to. Targets are expected to do all of the care taking, care giving, and support, so that Narcissists are "free" to do whatever they desire (which they will always label as "more important", as a way to justify their agenda.)