Human Progress Vs. Sabotage By Narcissism

Training Camp!

Why do human cultures, families, organizations and communities seem to have such a hard time making progress, achieving peace, or eradicating depression, crime, WAR, and poverty?

There's a rather large obstacle to a better world, and it's been around for centuries. It's been written about and documented for eons as well, but it doesn't seem to go away because it's so pervasive, like weeds and pests in a beautiful garden that take over and destroy what we're trying to cultivate. It grows and tries to take root anywhere there are humans. The obstacle is the condition known as Narcissism, and it's been embedded in the fabric of the human species for a very long time. It perpetuates itself through modeling, oppressing, brainwashing and direct training of young people who are all new to this world, learning and absorbing what they're being shown, and being kept from learning what they're NOT being shown.

The biggest threat to Power Mongers and Control Freaks everywhere is knowledge and awareness, so if you really want to "fight the power", read, read, read, and learn, learn, learn.  OBSERVE YOURSELF first and foremost; your own biases. behavior habits, and beliefs in your own personal life. Only then is it possible to see what's going on with other people, because we aren't denying it in ourselves any longer.  (Remember just because you're a woman doesn't mean you weren't conditioned to be biased against women; just because you're black doesn't mean you weren't conditioned to be prejudice against black people; just because you THINK you genuinely respect others doesn't mean you didn't get conditioned subconsciously to see certain others as less worthy or less capable.)


Narcissists train others, both directly and indirectly, to do and believe certain things. These beliefs and behaviors have been tearing down and sabotaging the progress we struggle to make as a species throughout human history:

To become subjugate; accept a "lower status" position as a human being than others.

To believe that some adults innately deserve power and authority, PERSONALLY, over other adults.

To follow the group and the crowd; avoid independent thought, observation, and learning.

To allow others into one's personal and private space, and step over one's boundaries on command.

To NOT know that EVERY ONE'S personal space and boundaries are sacred, and no one should be allowed "in" unless they were genuinely invited by THAT PERSON alone.

To believe one's self to be naturally entitled to LESS or MORE privilege, power, authority, "extra relaxation and pleasure", and being served by others.

To believe that one is not "good enough", and that one "doesn't really belong", and that others have the valid right to decide this.

To actually buy into believing that disrespect, arrogance, bad manners and bullying are signals of authority, "superior knowledge", and general supremacy.

To fear and avoid standing up for others or for themselves.

To turn against members of one's own family and community; to  try to dominate them; to betray, slander, or scapegoat them.

To accept domination, disrespect, and condescension from CERTAIN others, as if it's okay for them to do it because one has accepted them as having "higher social status" or "authority".

To compete for approval, attention, and acceptance against those whom one should be supporting and bonding with.

To believe that dominating and knocking down others is perfectly "okay", and is the way to get ahead.

To believe one's self (and others like one's self) to be naturally incapable of learning, understanding, or performing certain concepts, tasks, and skills.

To believe that those who are DIFFERENT than one's self to be incapable of learning, understanding, or performing certain concepts, tasks and skills.

To NOT BE ABLE TO SEE or UNDERSTAND the difference between legitimate hierarchies that are for structural purposes only such as business and government, and hierarchies that are illusions (MADE-UP), based on false beliefs and assumptions around sexism, racism, age, and body type.

To mentally delete and ignore evidence and information that contradicts the beliefs and directives of those who claim "Authority", in small groups or larger groups.

To believe that some people are born innately superior, and others are born innately inferior.

To buy into one's own, or someone else's, superficial judgments and assumptions about other people.

To rebel for the sake of rebellion; to be a random "rule-breaker".

To distrust others, to seek control, and to see those who need help or assistance as "losers", including one's self and one's family members.
(This prevents bonding, respect, team building, and progress within one's group.)

To accept and believe gossip and rumors about others.

To believe that retaliation is just "part of human nature", and that "everyone does it", and that there's nothing wrong with it.

To believe that it's "perfectly okay" to treat those who are physically smaller than they are with condescension and disrespect, and to accept condescension and disrespect from those who are larger than they are.

To buy into assumptions and stereotypes about the abilities and limitations of each sex, and to project them onto other people.

To create HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS in order to prevent specific persons from working, learning, playing, and participating in a group; to drive them out. (Like treating a white person like he's not welcome and not wanted in a Hispanic Church, or constantly harassing a male nurse so he'll quit, or treating a female tradesman with continuous condescension, disrespect and haranguing so she'll quit or "go away").

To believe that WAR, aggression, and violence are "necessary sometimes" to get what you WANT, and that anyone who doesn't agree is "weak" or "ignorant".

To believe that "class structures" (wealthy, middle class, poor) are real, and permanent.

To believe that those in one "class" are better than those in another "class".

To feel doubt, anxiety, and an undercurrent of discomfort or fear; to feel like one is always "behind the 8 ball", and doesn't have enough money or time, and isn't successful enough.

That it's "okay" to chase away that doubt, anxiety, and discomfort  with all manner of addictive or mind-altering substances.
(The drug trade, both legal and illegal, makes a lot of people a LOT of money, and therefore gives them lots of power and influence).

To believe that one can actually assess another person based on surface, superficial, incidental and circumstantial things such as their appearance at the moment, their body, sex, clothes and hair, their age, their car, their job, and on first impressions.

To believe that superficial appearance is the most important priority in a person's life, and to judge one's self and others based on superficial appearances, as if it's an indication of character.

To believe that "social hierarchies" are REAL, and are based on actual intelligence, experience, wisdom.

To believe stereotypes and other fictions (about others and themselves): regarding race, sex, religion, "class", ancestry, body type and size, even hair color

To fall for CONS and SMOKE SHOWS that serve Narcissists well, such as:

~Innate Superiority or Innate Inferiority
~Celebrity privilege
~Martyr syndrome
~Male Privilege and/or Authority
~Small Person's Ignorance, Weakness, or Innocence
~Tall Person's Privilege, Assumed Authority, and Assumed Knowledge or Intelligence
~Badges, Titles, Certificates and Degrees~ (assuming that because a person has one of these things, they must be an Expert, good at their job, more knowledgeable than anyone who does not possess one of these things, or that they're honest. Oldest trick in the book).


(It's what Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified for.)