Shouldn't Be Surprised About Female Stereotypes

"We can’t be surprised by unconscious stereotypes about women when we still embrace a culture suffused with highly sexualized, frivolous and demeaning portrayals of women in everything from popular movies to recent congressional debates."

I totally agree~

Really, it doesn't freak me out that men are so frequently male-biased, it's not some kind of long-shot for a human to be all gung-ho for people who are "Just Like Me", and stick out their 10-year-old tongue at the "other guys". What freaks me out, BAD, is that humans with DAUGHTERS, (that would be children of their own who happened to be born with an X chromosome), behave this way. EWW!!! Seriously?
How do they not care about treating their own kids as second-rate humans? How do they not care that their friends, other family members, SCHOOLS, and communities are doing it to their OWN KID?

Scientifically, yes~ humans get conditioned in childhood to believe in whatever the adults were doing when they grew up. So WHEN exactly do they start thinking for themselves? What are they getting personally out of their prejudices and biases, and what are they getting personally out of teaching their kids (or other people's kids) these prejudices and biases?

Freaks me out, yes it does. Happy Human Condition. Uckk.

(For those humans who are going "Oh come on there's no sexism anymore, not in Western Culture!)
Um... right.. okay, so when's the last time you asked a woman about fixing something, and not a man?
When's the last time you thought of your daughter, or your friend's daughter, when there was a job opening in your friend's remodeling, painting, car, or hardware business?  Or insurance sales for that matter?
When's the last time you reviewed the local High School budget?
Have you ever, EVER, hired a local female kid to mow your lawn, or shovel your driveway? Do you honestly believe that NO female kids wanted to make that extra money, or that they didn't need it, or that they couldn't do it?
When's the last time you saw the sports page covered with female sports, and one little story about a male sporting event?
When's the last time you watched a comedy with an all-female cast, save one or two supporting males? I can think of one, that would make the ratio about 1:100000
How many all-male rock bands, country bands, or rap groups can you think of off the top of your head?
How many all female ones? You seriously think it's because girls aren't interested, or can't do it?
When's the last time you expected your friend's son to help serve coffee and dessert, while their daughter sat at the table "deep in discussion"?
Who do you ask when you want advice about purchasing anything bigger than a toaster? 
When's the last time you assumed a woman, and not a man, was driving the semi next to you on the highway, or working at the construction site down the street, or driving the full-size pick-up truck that just went by your house, or is the President of a corporation or a bank?
Have you ever hired an all-male crew to do something around your house? Have you ever hired an all-female crew to do anything besides clean?
Do you know what "hostile work environment" really means?
Have you ever experienced a hostile work environment because of your sex, race, body size, or ancestry?
When's the last movie you saw with a female Hero as the Main Character, and the little sidekick secretary who she kept having to SAVE was a guy? Oh you saw one? Congratulations.
Give me a break, monkey-see, monkey-do. Maybe in another 100 years, if we survive that long. 

I love the men in my family, and my male best friends, and respect them very much. There is zero need for me to see them as "above" me, and they would probably throw up if they saw me do it. Know why? Because they actually respect me, for real, as a human being, and I actually respect them, for real, as human beings. When there is genuine respect, made-up supremacies and "gender expectations" are unnecessary, and frankly look pretty silly.