What Does No Abuse, Neglect Or Bullying Feel Like?

Some things people do who haven't been targets of Narcissistic individuals, groups, families or communities:

~Believe in themselves

~Feel like they belong, like they're a real member of their group, family, and community

~Feel respected, wanted, cared for and liked

~Set goals because they WANT to, and believe they will achieve them

~Don't worry about getting blocked or sabotaged

~Believe they will receive assistance, shelter, comfort, protection, and justice if and when they need it.

~Don't worry about getting slandered

~Go forward with learning how to do whatever they feel like learning how to do

~Take whatever class or course strikes their fancy
(regardless of whether their sex, race, age, or body type "fits in" with a stereotype)

~Engage easily in fun activities and group activities without anxiety

~Wear the clothes they're comfortable with, wear their hair how they like it

~Don't worry about fitting into gender roles or "gender behavior"

~Don't feel the need to "prove" their masculinity or femininity (or their sexual preference) to the world

~Don't stop themselves from doing something because they might get targeted by bullying or ridicule

~Don't worry about getting sabotaged or stolen from

~Don't worry about getting physically assaulted/raped whenever they go anywhere or do anything alone

~Expect those they're associated with to stand up for them if they suffer attack, injustice, or disrespect

~Often accomplish many of their goals because they have not been sabotaged either in the past or in the present, and have received help and support, often much more than they realize

~May not understand anything about the effects abuse and neglect has on a human being

~May not believe there's really sexism or racism in the world, or that there's any "here"

~May not be able to grasp that people they know or are in their family have been traumatized or abused

~May not be able to grasp that people they know or are in their family have been targeted with sexism, racism, or other prejudices

~May take their good fortune for granted, or believe they deserve their good fortune because they're a "good/capable person" 

~Go forward confidently with ideas, presentations, and activities, without having self-doubts, self-consciousness, or worries about being sabotaged, ridiculed, or abandoned

~Don't fear abandonment, gas lighting, or reputation smearing

~Have great fun in groups or with individuals, without ruminating on the plights of others, or worrying about their own possible future