Women Controlling Men's Friendships

It is not uncommon for some men to distance themselves from good, platonic female friends because they're trying to stay in the "good graces" of another woman who has control and jealousy issues. In other words, they allow the more controlling female friend to dictate their other friendships, according to her jealousy and insecurity, especially in regard to female friendships.
The men don't actually look at what's really going on, or what really happened, they just know that the one who is the most controlling will not be happy if they don't follow her social signals, implications, (or direct instructions). The female friend they're distancing themselves from is often the better friend, or a person who has no agenda or ill will toward anyone, or who have done nothing at all "wrong"; Controllers are all about avoiding blame and keeping the attention and "loyalty" on themselves (so they can stay in control).
It's actually more common for a Controller, male or female, to be surrounded by lots of "friends" than for a person who does not try to manipulate and control others. Because~ that's what they focus on, making sure they are surrounded by lots of friends who will follow along with their agenda.
It's not the static rule, there are people who have a lot of genuine friends because they have met a lot of genuinely caring people who are mutually supportive. But the difference is, people like that don't make cliques, don't ostracize, don't back stab, don't attack, and don't try to keep certain people "out" because they're jealous or envious.