Laughter Actually IS Good Medicine

Laughter is one of those things that a person who feels healthy and happy does often, and the same person will often do less and less when things are not going well. The irony is that laughter itself is part of keeping a person healthy.
When I don't feel well or am in a state of fatigue, I tend to NOT take the supplements or do the exercise or care for myself like I do when I'm feeling well. So which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
So when I'm anxious or depressed because of something (or someone), I laugh less and less.
Also, when I'm around bullies and controllers, my tendency is to keep my laughter shut down in order to avoid their negative attention. Controllers don't like it when people laugh at anything outside of their control and approval, and they also tend not to like it when targets laugh out loud, because it's a confidence and even a dominance display (primates). (Further, a person with certain serious disorder might get triggered when a person around them laughs; it could mean something sinister to them.)
Also, maybe I'm working or learning something and am very focused for prolonged lengths of time. While this can be necessary and even a good thing, it can cause us to set aside our laughter.

So for many different reasons, I laugh less. The less I laugh, the less I laugh, and then I just don't laugh much at all. If it lasts a long enough time, laughter itself might become annoying to me. Other people laughing, comedies on TV or at the movies, quips and wit from people around me, they all become annoying, even anger-causing, and I don't even realize why. I USED to laugh a lot, I must have been immature at the time?... No, that's not it. I probably WAS immature, but that's not why I used to laugh so much and stopped later. And while there are a lot of people who "laugh" because of meanness, insecurity and bully issues they have, that's not the only kind of laughter there is, not by a long shot.
Laughter is like those vitamins that I forget to take when I need them most. I don't feel like taking them because I don't feel good. But when I don't feel good, that's when I need them most! My body needs those supplements, they're not "extra", above and beyond what my body needs. They're part of what keeps me  functioning and healthy.
Laughter is the same, it KEEPS me healthy, it's not just a RESULT of being healthy. I do forget this frequently when I'm fatigued or seriously stressed, just like I forget my vitamins. Then the cycle starts and I have to heal myself again enough to remember TO LAUGH because it's GOOD for me! :)