Other Women

Don't confuse women your husband gawks at and sexualizes with women who engage and encourage his behavior. One is not the same as the other, they are two very different things. No woman is responsible for a man's behavior, or another woman's behavior, and no person has to allow another person to treat them so disrespectfully, whether she is the woman being stared at and sexualized, or the woman being betrayed.

A betraying husband, whether he's cheating, disrespectful, or abusive, is in breach of contract. Marriage is a real contract, and if there are problems between the contractees, then counseling and resolution becomes a priority, just like any other real contract. If one of the two refuses to seek for resolution within the relationship, then they are again in breach. There has never been a contract where both parties were not required to be present and accountable when seeking resolution to issues between them.
For some reason few human beings seem mature or aware enough to grasp what marriage is and take it seriously, and they end up in all kinds of legal mess with their children paying for it. A responsible person enters in a contract with full awareness of what they're voluntarily agreeing to, and what is expected of both parties.

And remember all of the same for and about yourself. You are bound under the same contract as your husband. There are not two versions of the contract, one for him and one for you, there is only one.