Assumptions People Make About Each Other

Some of the common (and very funny!) assumptions that people make about each other in many Western cultures, without actually finding out anything whatsoever about a person (we even do this a lot more than we realize with people we think we know, and people in our own families):

If their skills and/or experience DO or DO NOT include:

 care giving
 child care
 driving a standard (stick shift)
 driving a truck
 playing a musical instrument; reading music
 knowledge of certain musical genres
 biological sciences
 sewing, tailoring, design
 wood working
 electricity/electrical theory/electrical wiring
 stage and/or screen
 using "power tools" and equipment
 writing, poetry, songwriting, non-fiction, journalism
 auto repair
 auto design or restoration
 home repair
 driving motor bikes
 animal training
 animal science/research
 sports of various types and levels
 academics in various subjects and levels
 street ~
 survival in various forms
 thinking and learning for one's self

What are the one or two things about you (skill, experience, ability)  that you think everyone knows about you?
How would it feel if everyone kept treating you and talking to you like you had NO experience whatsoever in those things, and they just kept doing it because they say you just don't "look" like the "kind of person" who knows about those things?
Assumptions about (and projections on) other human beings are about as clever as a bucket with a hole in the bottom.