Hate Her For Being Pretty?

Hating it when someone does something that displays skill, talent, or knowledge can be seen in several personality disorders, and also in anxiety disorders and codependency.

When a person does something that displays skill/talent/knowledge, it triggers memories, past and recent, that revolve around receiving attention, credit, and acceptance.

So for example if a child was often ignored and neglected while others praised her older or younger sister for being a wonderful dancer, the child may easily associate abandonment with seeing a person dance well, and may instantly worry that others will compare her to this dancer and see her as less worthy, or betray her.

A child may get compared to other children frequently either by adults, peers, or both, and become conditioned to believe that the only way to get positive attention or recognition is to out-perform others, and so when someone else displays ability or is physically attractive, they are seen as an immediate threat: if they get the positive attention and credit, there won't be any left for the child.

These specific types of association can expand into any type of situation where another person might get attention, credit, praise, or recognition for something they do, or for their appearance, or for their possessions. It's a form of envy, but it's not simply "evil", it's based in past trauma and is more fear-based than just plain greed.

Children often bring these types of associations into adulthood, and may develop serious anxiety issues around the performances and appearances of others, or it can turn into internalized resentment, hatefulness, and narcissism.