Tough Guy, or Fitting In?

Acting like a "tough person",  or a "self-righteous person" is a behavior that human beings adapt when they're in an unsafe atmosphere, surrounded by hostile people.
Most other animals do the same thing; when they feel threatened, they puff up their bodies, stomp the ground, make noise, change colors, and excrete poison or venom; it's to frighten who or whatever is threatening to them, and appear dominant.

After enough time has passed, a person can internalize this behavior and convince themselves it's part of their real personality, as if that's how they were born. However countless studies and observations over many cultures show that human beings tend to adapt to their environment, whether it's GOOD for them or NOT.

The subconscious human mind takes on the general traits of the people around them in order to fit in, so they don't get "shunned" and have to survive on their own. The more hostile the environment, the more aggressive the person becomes in order to appear "tough enough", like the others. It's like everyone has to wear the same armor in order to fit in with their group; those who are wearing a different color, or no armor, get shunned.

"Acting tough" has nothing to do with the natural, organic environment one lives and works in; it's the human interaction that one has to deal with every day that influences a person to change themselves into "one of the tough people" or "one of the righteous people".

When we fit in, we don't get singled out.

Most people don't even know they're doing it, because it's a subconscious process. But the proof is in the pudding. It's the same process from which regional accents and dialects come from. People from the same region even "like" the same food and wear similar clothes. (We think we're being unique when we buy a different brand of blue jeans, or a different kind of flannel shirt, or slightly different boots.)

It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it can help a person have a better life if they become aware of it.