Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

This is a "hot topic" around the net, and in scientific circles. It comes up a lot in conversation.

Here's the thing:

If you're asking the question, then why aren't you asking YOURSELF?

The only person who can answer that question FOR YOU, IS YOU.

If you don't think that men and women can "be just friends", then you've already answered the question, FOR YOU, ABOUT YOU.

If you ask SOMEONE ELSE, and their answer is "YES, I have genuine friends of the opposite sex", then that's the answer FOR THEM, ABOUT THEM.

Just because YOU can't be friends with the opposite sex doesn't mean that OTHER PEOPLE can't be. 

Really, it's a ridiculous question to be asking supposedly

If your libido is so hair-trigger that any human who possesses the hormones of the sex you prefer to copulate with, then apparently YOU, as an individual, are sexually aroused very, very easily.
If you are not going through puberty and/or adolescence, if you are supposed to be past the age, then a hair-trigger libido is something you should probably speak to a doctor about, or a psychiatrist, seriously (no sarcasm intended).
Are you 'aroused' just from "hanging out" with people who are not absolutely disgusting to you sexually? Do you constantly SCAN others for their sexuality, and assess their bodies?
Do you assess whether you'll "give the time of day" to another person based on their "hotness"?
Then seriously, that's not the way EVERYONE is. Seek some counseling.

There are specific reasons that a person can have physiological libido and arousal issues, and those issues can also be psychological and/or neurological.

Can you control your own behavior when you feel sexually aroused?
This is a serious question,  because if you can't, you really shouldn't be walking around in society without supervision, and you might require medication.

OF COURSE men and women can be friends, if they have normal sex drives, normal and healthy relationship building skills, healthy boundaries, genuine and healthy respect for other human beings, normal and healthy attraction triggers, and good physical, emotional, and mental health.

Humans are sentient beings, they can choose to "be friends", genuine platonic friends
without any sexual anything, with pretty much any other individual.
If another person has sexual issues, then a person may choose to put some distance between themselves and that person, but that doesn't make the relationship itself "sexual".
It just means the other person have "issues".
Just like if an Irish person, a Nigerian person, and a Japanese person were friends, but one of them had racism issues and kept treating the other two WEIRDLY, it doesn't make ALL THREE of them racist, it only makes the ONE person racist.       Hello... this is easy.

Just because one person is racist doesn't mean another person is.
Just because one person can't stop thinking about sex doesn't mean it's the way EVERYONE is.
Just because one person thinks a certain woman is "extremely hot", or that a certain man is "extremely hot", doesn't mean that every person they know wants to have sex with them.
(Frankly, that's some seriously exaggerated, DRAMATIC assumption).

Putting one's OWN thoughts and feelings onto OTHERS is called PROJECTION;

When one refuses to believe that anyone else is telling the truth about their OWN point of view and their OWN feelings, thoughts, and motives, that's called PARANOIA.

If you know someone who says they can't be just friends with the opposite sex (or the same sex if they're homosexual), OR that they can't be genuine friends with a person of another race,  then keep an eye on them and protect yourself; they're telling you something important about themselves. Hopefully, they're just telling you that they haven't grown up yet, but it could be a lot more than that.