Other "Smart", "Talented", or "Attractive" People: Narcissists Don't Likey

Healthy people LOVE to meet "kindred spirits", that is people who they have important things IN COMMON with so they can do those things WITH each other, share their common experiences and feelings, help each other with common problems, and just basically enjoy being connected to a person who "gets them".

Narcissists, on the other hand, DO NOT LIKE!

The Narcissist SINGER, for example, has to be the ONLY SINGER, or he has to be the BEST SINGER. Another talented singer is nothing more than a THREAT to this "Crown", he doesn't see them as a "kindred spirit". No matter HOW NICE and HOW HUMBLE the other singer is, they're a threat, just by their very existence. In fact, the NICER the other singer is, the MORE of a threat they are! Because "talent" PLUS "nice person" is even MORE competition!
The SEX of the other singer is not relevant, except for the Narcissist singer's personal BIAS issues, which will make the RAGE STORM either less volatile, or WORSE.

You can replace the word "SINGER" in the previous paragraph with literally ANYTHING that a human can do, and I do mean anything.

Lead Guitar players are widely known for having Narcissism issues, but most people don't seem to realize that Bass players are just as likely to have them as well, as are Back-up Singers, Rhythm guitar players, Keyboard players, Banjo Players, Drummers, Violinists, Floutists, Harmonica players, Trumpet players... Sound Technicians, Stage Managers, Tour Managers, Stage Crew, Pyrotechnic Crew, Road Crew, Club owners, Ushers, Ticket Sales clerks, the cleaning crew, the electricians who wired the Auditorium, Vendors, the architect who designed the Theater, the Contractors and Subcontractors who built the Theater, the bank employees who gave the owner the loan to build it, the landscapers, the phone operators, the FANS from every walk of life, etc..

If you've ever wondered why they're so much DRAMA around you, just think about how Narcissists react when there's someone else who's a "threat" to their ego nearby... and then think about how it's not really possible to do BUSINESS without dealing all the time with people who have talent, skill, knowledge, and physical "attractiveness".

How many times a day does a typical Narcissist feel threatened or insulted, and therefore get an "attitude" or do something mean to someone, and also have to work to cover it up?
And that's only when they're not scheming, that is.

And how many people are dealing with the consequences and fallout from the attitudes, dramas, sabotage, and schemes of those Narcissists, every single day?! In their personal OR business lives?!

The Soap Opera we call "modern global society" makes Dynasty look like a children's show.

The only prerequisite for Narcissism is that a person was born a Homo Sapien.
The JOB they have is incidental. They most likely chose it because they saw it as a way to gain something (status, image, sex, power, money), or it was what they could do at the time, or someone helped them get it... who knows. If they switched jobs with someone on the other side of the world, they would still be Narcissistic, and they would still feel threatened by anyone there who could do something they can do, or knows something they know, or is apparently "attractive".